Allied Health Solutions Pharmacy provides medications used to treat complex conditions. Treatment of these conditions requires extra care and attention. We are here to support you! Our mission is to help you reach the most benefit from your treatment!

  • Our pharmacists review your medications to make sure they are safe and appropriate for you.
  • We provide education to help you become comfortable with your medications.
  • We contact you before you run out of your medication to arrange a delivery of your medication refill. This helps to make sure you do not miss doses.
  • Our pharmacy works closely with your healthcare provider to improve communication about your care.

Medication for complex conditions is often expensive. An insurance company usually will not pay for medication until a healthcare provider has submitted a form. This form explains why the medication is needed. This process is called a “prior authorization.” Our staff works to complete this process quickly so that your medication can be supplied to you without unnecessary delay.

Our staff also explores all possible sources of financial support for you. In many cases, we can obtain financial assistance, if available. This will help to reduce the costs of your medication for you.